How To Be Successful By Doing Nothing

How To Be Successful By Doing Nothing

Can you really be successful by doing nothing?

Have you ever thought about why we need to win at things? Just completing something generally isn’t good enough, right?

I think it’s our competitive human nature that drives us, sometimes to the brink of destruction. I have been there many times – no sleep for days, working to the edge of my capabilities, and then there are other people who make my efforts seem like child’s play.

So, can we ever be successful by doing nothing?

These are words of war when it comes to people like Gary Vaynerchuk and his disciples. I just watched a quick video by a promoter who brought Gary out to Australia, where they were talking about how they caught a helicopter from Melbourne city to the airport, and Gary V sat glued to his phone during the entire journey. He didn’t look at the view once, and this is what the promoter was in awe of, claiming it was total “beast mode”. It’s interesting to me how “hustling” – i.e working around the clock – is considered the only way to succeed.

However, I don’t agree, and here’s why: Countless entrepreneurs have experienced the same heights of success without the 24/7, nose to the ground approach. They have openly shared that it takes time to strategise; and a person’s ability to sit, think and then apply is the real key to success.

My Approach

In my book Upology, I speak about strategy and mastery as a work in progress, which take years of practice and application. What I am alluding to here is that to accelerate yourself and your business from point A to point B, you’ve got to get your thinking and strategy right first. This doesn’t require effort or “hustle.” In fact, all it takes is sitting quietly and imagining where, what, how, and when you want success; and most importantly, what that’s going to look and feel like for you – because it’s different for everyone.

According to author Raymond Holliwell, in his groundbreaking book Working With The Law, the power to create abundance and success begins with your ability to use the “Law of Attraction.” The more you see and feel your success, the more the universe works to bring that into your world. I have experienced this first hand, going from broke too now owning a seven-figure business. But I need to clarify: you still need to work for it. Success doesn’t just fall into your lap, but it starts by figuring out what you want in all aspects of your life. Once you’re clear on this, the power of your subconscious mind takes over and starts to make this happen. Only then do you take action.

My Advice

My advice is to take some time to sit daily, to ponder, and then journal about what success looks and feels like to you. The more you internalise it, the quicker things will start to manifest into your sphere of existence. So don’t be in a rush to do; try to just BE for a while.

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– Nick Psaila