Praise for Business Success

We treat our clients like family. We are dedicated to supporting them throughout their business journey, even after their success with UpCoach. Our testimonials are from a range of clients who had diverse needs, but for each person we created effective business solutions.

Meet Taylor
Odyssey Landscapes

After starting his landscaping business, Taylor had built a great reputation in his industry but lacked the knowledge to scale his business, and found it difficult to get off the tools.

By working with UpCoach, Taylor refined his sales process, adjusted his marketing campaigns, and managed to develop a greater understanding of his budgets and finances. After only a few short months, Taylor had a consistent flow of leads, had systemised how he provided his landscaping services and employed another three employees to keep up with the workload.

Aaron Wright
SA Renomate

Aaron was an experienced insurance builder and assessor who was looking to get into business for himself. He loved the idea of working for himself but had no idea how to get started. Aaron knew he needed coaching and guidance from our expert team before he even attended one of our 3 day level up masterclass workshops. We worked with Aaron to get his marketing and sales processes documented and structured so that he could effectively position his services with ease to ensure he came away with the best possible result.

Not long after implementing some of these systems, Aaron saw his business grow quite rapidly having a flurry of new enquiries and after he refined his offering, streamlined his operations Aaron was able to enjoy the perks of running a business that he loved to work in day in day out.

Meet John and Suzie
Better Tiling

John and Suzie had been working for over 10 years literally 70 plus hours per week, just barely making ends meeting.Their time management was non existent and felt like they were just putting out fires.

Once joining UpCoach, we were able to literally not just change the business but importantly their life. They are now completely systemised, have a team of over 30 subcontractors and have opened 2 new divisions of the business. Financially they have almost double their turnover and never been more profitable. Plus they get to spend quality time with their families. Like John says Nick has been a game changer !!

Meet Jay
JLT Plumbing

Jay worked as a plumber for most of his working life but was struggling to find a way to take his business to the next level.

Once joining UpCoach, Jay immediately got to work by re-defining his ideal avatar, completing a marketing audit and assessing his businesses operations. Within months, Jay’s lead flow went through the roof, he hired new employees, invested in project management software and saw increases in sales of over 300%.

Meet Heather and Adrian
Classic Kit Homes

They were a little business that had an amazing product, with a good reputation but unfortunately we’re not getting the sales they really needed to scale their business.

We were able to create a systemised sales and marketing campaign that really scaled their business. With this in place the conversion rate for the business went through the roof and using their excellent reputation they created excellent customer value resulting in increased profits.

Meet Collin Duke
Duke Building Design

Colin is an outstanding designer that pretty much did everything in his business. He wanted to create a better life /work balance and also wanted to scale his business however didn’t want quality of work with his clients to suffer.

The approach was first to systemise everything that was in Colin’s head. We then broke down a level of delegation that he was comfortable with in order to have another employee work in “ his baby”. The biggest shift that Colin experienced is the ability to trust his judgement and others and to let go of doing everything. The business then flourished and he could get out to see new prospects and go on holiday where he couldn’t previously.

John Aitoa
Boss Construction

10 years in business, over $280,000 in debt and losing Hundreds of Thousands every year, this was John’s story when he joined UpCoach. He was a gentle giant that was amazing at his work but as he said “ I never learnt how to run a business or sell my services”

Building on an existing relationship in the business we began by looking at pricing and financial infrastructures. Before this everything was just written into a book. Second stage was to create efficiency in the business by training his team to work smarter rather than harder. Stage three was to really connect with builders and develop relationships to scale the business. Outcome scaled business to work without John being in the tools. Increased revenue by Over $1,000,000 and opened up another business in Cook Islands.

Dimitri Vellios
Direct Cable Supplies

Dimitri was working 100 hours plus per week, going to China every month for a week, stressed out to the max and was on the verge of closing due to cash flow and staffing issues. Basically he was doing everything and going broke!!

Working to change the business model, creating a new R+D projects for new products and shifting the business from base ship to drop shipment direct from China created an unbelievable level of growth and scale. Dimitri no longer had to do everything, we created systems and put key personnel in place that only had him visit China once every six months. We then created a new brand that grew incredibly as well. His biggest achievement however was that he could pick up his kids everyday from school and watch then play representative soccer.

Chris and Veronica
Ultima Building Group

Whiteline Road Services

Saunders Electrical Group

Recent Client Success Interviews

Sheri-Lee Knoop

10 years in business, working over 80 hours per week but could never take a day off. As the head practitioner everyone wanted to be treated by Sheri Lee. this made the business impossible to scale or create an income from other practitioners.

The solution was internally trained practitioners and a shift in the business practice. We create an “expert” model where she was recognised as a top level practitioner that also then charged accordingly. Once her team of already skilled practitioners were trained by her, existing clients were referred to the new practitioners for standard treatments that they were qualified to administer and specialised in. New social media with tions of testimonials was created throughout the coaching program. The outcome 3 new locations in 15 months, speaking at industry expert events almost every month, work hours down to 3 days per week and a brand recognised as one of the best salons in Perth

Laurence Hugo

This was an interesting business as the competition for this space is very high. Laurence came to UpCoach with a high level of stress and a business that was stagnant. His objective was to systemise and get others to work for him plus build profits and establish market position.

We started with getting a USP ( Unique Selling Proposal ) followed by recording all aspects of the business. We used screen and video recording to create processes of negotiation principles that were unique to the business. We then engaged a call centre to filter lead flow calls. To drive leads we used Facebook and Google which yielded around 2 leads per day consistently with high quality conversions.

John Willis

John responded to an email we sent out and had a lot of questions that he needed answered. He worked with other coaches that he got burnt with and his trust in coaches was low. After a 3 hour meeting and introductions to 7 or 8 clients he decided to give coaching a try again and never looked back

His business was established for over 15 years but took a big loss due to the downturn in the mining industry and an influx of competitors. With over 70 employees he was still having to put out fires and was too involved in the business. On top of this he was dealing with a major surgery and recovery from it mentally and physically. Great result to free his time up completely, managed a 6 week holiday with his family and according to him” balanced and collected all invoices for the month, first time ever in the company’s history”.

Captain Electro

They were a small business from Perth that was referred to UpCoach. When we met them it was a single tradesperson and one apprentice with sporadic work. With the wife doing the books and juggling 2 young kids. Stressed out and cash flow problems.

We started by getting clarity on what we specialize in and then began an offline marketing campaign targeting solar installers and pool builders. We then started to systemise all the operations side of business and installed service M8 to manage jobs. Within 5 months we employed 3 more tradespeople and purchased new equipment and vans. The business grew over 400% in 10 months.

Live Workshop Feedback

3-Day Level Up Masterclass

In this exciting LEVEL-UP  Masterclass 3 Day program you’ll accelerate the growth of your business dramatically by focusing on the mastery of sales and marketing and systems. You’ll create incredible clarity, momentum and renewed energy when you get clear about the road ahead and set achievable goals broken down into 90 day action steps.

The 3 day intensive is designed to help business owners at all stages of their business journey. Whether you are at the start up phase or a seasoned business wanting to scale, the information delivered by experts in the field of business growth is highly applicable and realistic. So if you are looking to create a roadmap for the next 12 – 24 months, want the latest of social media marketing, have a systemised sales process or looking to get the best performance out of your staff then the Level UP intensive 3 Day masterclass is the solution for you. Over 1800 business owners have joined us already.

Upperlimits Mastermind

The UpperLimits Club is an exclusive mastermind group for ambitious business owners who are not content with a business that’s simply good, but who want to see their business achieve its greatest potential. The name says it all – its for business owners who want to take everything they do to the Upperlimits

The club is designed around a high-intensity, event-style program offering four events throughout the year – two large events in June and November, and two smaller events in March and August. This event environment is not a typical boring “death by powerpoint” workshop, they are designed to enable members to learn, interact, seed new ideas, and then track and share their progress, iterate and receive feedback throughout the year with UpCoach specialists and their fellow members. We believe that one elegant idea can have a dramatic shift in your business towards success.

At each event, you’ll benefit from the experience and insights of leading business veterans, world level entrepreneurs and our select group of industry and subject matter experts. As a member of this exclusive group, you can expect to leave each mastermind event bursting with fresh ideas, tangible knowledge and insights, and actionable steps to lead your business into the upper limits of success.

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