The UpCoach Way

You wouldn’t believe the number of business coaches who have – wait for it – never run their own business. Even worse, some “gurus” have given it a go and failed to ever make a profit. That’s not how we do things.

If you’re a business owner then you know it can be grueling work. When you’re struggling, actionable direction and advice can be worth its weight in gold – and that advice can only come from those who have been there, done that, sold the t-shirt.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Our team of business coaching experts is exactly that: men and women who have founded, nurtured, grown and sold businesses. And they didn’t do that without making mistakes.

Maybe your business isn’t having its best days. Perhaps you’re growing so fast you’re losing control of the reins. Maybe things are okay, but you know that making productive changes now will benefit you in the future.

All of that, and so much more, is exactly what we’re here to help with.

We’re Here to Help

At UpCoach, we leverage our combined experience into specialist business coaching programs. Whatever it is that’s making you think twice, we will help find it, build up a solution, then get to work making it happen.

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Grow your business quickly, while you’re in control.
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Take a step back & gain a fresh perspective.
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Work fewer hours without hindering the business.
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Create financial and operational changes in-house.

Get To Know Our Team

nick psaila headshot

Nick Psaila
UpCoach Founder & Business Growth Expert

Nick is our founder and CEO. As well as being an author, keynote speaker, and a thought leader, Nick is a highly regarded business growth expert. His hands-on approach to coaching is reflected in the practical, actionable nature of our programs.
The ideas and principles of UPology, the foundation on which this business was built, were created by none other than Nick himself. He is both brilliant and unassuming, and he oversees the company’s coaching programs with authority and insight.

upcoach team headshot chris

Chris Herbert
Business Growth Expert

A former business owner in the hospitality industry, as well as a brilliantly successful high-level manager in various others, we snapped up Chris back in 2016. Chris always works with our clients one-to-one, doing everything he possibly can to get the best out of their business.
As editor of the Upcoach Magazine, co-presenter of our signature online course, The Business Takeoff Masterclass, and co-author of Striking GOLD, Chris is reliable, insightful, and endlessly energetic. When things are turning south, Chris will correct the course.

upcoach team geoff

Business Growth Expert

Geoff brings his coaching experience from a 40-year broad-based career in small and large organisations, across technology, sport and leisure, health, education, and online digital consumer businesses. His coaching experience also spans construction, trades, retail, consulting and NDIS sectors. Geoff’s versatility equips him well to provide insights and value to business owners in the key areas of leadership, strategy and planning, financial management, sales and marketing, effective people management, and systems. Geoff has helped businesses from start-ups to SMEs, and a key strength is facilitating people to work cooperatively, dealing with the many challenges of growing a business. As a small business owner, he values the importance of effective communication across the organisation.

Mark Jones UpCoach

Mark Jones
Business Growth Expert

Mark is an award-winning and highly regarded workforce development and business improvement coach with over 25 years experience. As the co-author of the “Australian Small Business Mentoring Handbook” and the highly regarded “Power of Mentorship” Mark has assisted organisations of all sizes from SME’s through to iconic national brands and government agencies in improving their operational efficiency, achievement of strategic objectives, strengthened their leadership capability and improve their team dynamics.

Gerard Liddy UpCoach

Gerard Liddy
Business Growth Expert

As a Business and Executive Coach since 2003, Gerard has been assisting business owners and their teams to build better, more efficient businesses from the ground up. Gerard’s own motto is, “Build your Business in the correct order, and you’ll get the best result in the shortest possible time”. Using resources & principles from the best Thought Leaders, Coaches, and Mentors from around the world, Gerard has helped hundreds of business owners steadily grow their businesses.

Campbell McKay UpCoach

Campbell McKay
Business Growth Expert

Campbell is a passionate coach who has over 25 years of business experience across a range of industries including health, education, technology, tourism, financial services and elite sport. A certified turnaround professional who has worked across both the public and private sectors, Campbell is a strong advocate for enabling businesses to realize their full potential by focusing on getting the basics right first and then looking at opportunities to grow and expand.

Paul Zahra UpCoach

Paul Zahra
Business Growth Expert

Paul has held senior executive roles in HR/IR, Transformational Change, Operations and Finance across industries including Education, Public Health, Local Government, Manufacturing and Banking. Being highly values-driven, Paul believes it is critical to achieve real outcomes in a way that is values-based, with both relationships and personal well-being being ultimately strengthened. With his extensive corporate experience Paul now dedicates his energy to helping business owners make great choices and deliver on their personal and business ambitions.

Cindy Nicholson UpCoach

Cindy Nicholson
Business Growth Expert

Cindy is a world-class executive renowned for driving transformative change in individuals and businesses across diverse sectors, on a global scale. Her holistic approach, fusing experience and credentials, positions her as an invaluable asset for businesses aiming to achieve excellence. As a distinguished graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and a Certified ICF Coach she empowers and guides individuals and teams, sharing insights that nurture emerging talents to foster business growth

Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor
Business Growth Expert

Tim has been focused on assisting small and medium-sized businesses to grow for the past 20 years, working closely with business owners across many industries to develop growth strategies and improve management practices to ensure they are set for success. Passionate about leadership and building successful teams, Tim brings a wealth of coaching experience and expertise in helping clients and their teams to realise their potential and succeed in achieving goals together.”

Adam Hetherington
Business Growth Expert

Adam, a seasoned consultant with a background growing businesses across Australia, New Zealand and China. With a solid foundation in theoretical best practices and hands-on experience in high-stakes environments Adam understands the importance of the right plan, actions and mindset. Adam’s journey began in the corporate arena, where he honed his skills in sales, marketing, and multi-site management. Transitioning into small business, he embraced roles as a Franchisee and Franchisor across multiple countries. Along the way, he developed expertise in startup planning, franchising dynamics, commercial leasing, P&L Management, Business Development, and exit planning. What sets Adam apart is his holistic approach to consulting. He doesn’t just see parts of the puzzle; he understands the entire picture. From shaping business models to devising ground-level implementation strategies, Adam provides realistic advice that merges theoretical principles with practical insights. With Adam’s guidance, businesses gain a strategic partner with a passion for business and getting his clients results.