9 Small But Powerful Ways To Accelerate Your Personal Growth

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If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’re in the top 10% of people who strive to always be growing in life. That includes on a personal and professional growth. And the truth is, both of these components of our lives have a huge influence on the other.

Here’s a list of powerful ways you can accelerate your personal growth, starting today.

Read as much and as often as you can

Okay, you might be thinking, “but I don’t like to read, can’t I do something else?!”

And to a degree, yes you can, because you’re incredibly lucky to be born in an era where audiobooks and podcasts are inexpensive and easy to access.

But reading — or your preferred choice of consuming beneficial information — offers us all the chance to learn new skills, become better at something, or immerse ourselves in a new topic.

More often than not, books are years worth of someone’s life work, comprised into a neat package than you can usually pick up for under $20.

How awesome is that?

Pay close attention to what you’re consuming daily — and no, your Facebook feed does not count as reading.

Why not set a goal of reading one book a week for the next 10 weeks, and see how you get on?

Find a mentor

Many people who are more experienced than you in a field you want to grow it will be more than happy to take you under their wing, offer tips and tricks, as well as invaluable advice.

Usually, mentors will do this in exchange for you doing some work for them. So the next time you find someone you think you could learn a lot from — think about how you can add value to them, and approach them in that way, before asking for something from them.

Most people will be happy to offer some advice, even if it’s not on a regular basis — and you can’t put a price on experience.

Get some accountability

When you try to work on developing something within yourself on your own, you’ll know from the past it can be really tough, right?

Well, you don’t have to do it alone!

In fact, you’re much more likely to succeed if you work with people who are pursuing similar goals. Social networking sites have made it so convenient to find accountability partners when it comes to most things you can think of. So even if you don’t have any friends or colleagues you can partner with — there’s no excuse.  

Getting accountability will help you to grow much faster than if you were to try to do it on your own.

Surround yourself with inspiring people

If you’re serious about your own self-development, you need to take a good look around at your inner circle and who you’re keeping there.

The people we spend the most time with have a huge influence on our mood, the way we think, and our confidence, too.

Even if there’s one negative person around, who shoots down all your ideas, and always think of the worst — that energy will seep into you no matter how hard you try to stop it.

Surround yourself with kind, inspiring, creative people; who vibrate at the same (or higher) level as you, and you’ll quickly raise your own bar.

Protect your time

You can always make more money, but you can never buy back your time.

How many things are you saying yes to that isn’t serving you?

How many distractions are you allowing into your daily life?

The more you have going on, the harder it will be to focus on the things that are truly important to you, and progress in the ways you hope to.

So maybe you need to decide to socialise less with your friends, skip those few hours of watching TV each week or delegate out tasks that you don’t really need to do yourself.

This will leave you with more hours each day to yourself, which you can invest in ways that your future self will thank you for.

Create a healthy work and life balance

Some people wrongly believe that working 24/7 is the key to success — in business and in life. But it’s fair to say now that’s simply not true.

Getting enough sleep each night is going to make you more productive and focused on whatever you do the next day.

Eating healthy, nutritious meals is going to fuel you with energy, and keep you feeling your best.

Spending quality time with your loved ones is going to be so good for your soul, and inner peace — and it will give you a much-needed break now and then.

Reflect on your life right now, and see if there’s a healthy balance. This is key to accelerating your personal growth long term.

Journal daily

You might choose to do this for ten minutes in the morning before you go to work, or in the evening before going to sleep — or both.

We constantly have so many thoughts, ideas, and feelings circulating inside our heads, that it’s important to take some time out and reflect on all of those.

You might notice patterns, you might have breakthroughs, and you might also feel less stressed because you’re letting everything out onto the page.

A great idea is to note all the things that have gone well each day, or the things you’re looking forward to, or even what you can work on the next day.

Be grateful for what you already have

When you think about all the wonderful things you already have, or have achieved, a lacking mindset quickly turns into one of abundance.

Focusing on the good not only helps to put you in a happier and healthier state of mind, but it also helps you to continue to grow, and attract better things into your life.

Believe in yourself

Without self-belief, it doesn’t matter how many books you read, the workshops you attend, or coaches you hire. If you lack belief in yourself, you’ll find everything you do is an uphill battle.

So the next time you try to do something to accelerate your personal growth, believe in yourself from the start and notice how things change.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long way away from where you want to go — everyone started in the same position as you find yourself in today.

What are some of the things you’ve already done to accelerate your personal growth?

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