What to Look for in a Business Coach

What to Look for in a Business Coach

Its the CRISIS point for any small business owner. That overwhelming feeling of knowing that you have grown your business as far as you can, and now you require the help, expertise and blunt force accountability to help move it to the next level.

But where the hell do you start? 

Selecting a business coach to help “turn the dial” on your small business is similar to finding the right mechanic to tune your car. You want someone that has worked on a car like yours in the past, knows exactly how cars function and what to do (and what not to do) to your car in order to help it run like a dream. 

Finding the right business coach can provide life-changing benefits for both your business and your life. Outcomes such as increases in sales and profits, effective marketing campaigns that provide endless leads, the implementation of systems that help to keep the business moving without you, and the perfect win/win solutions for your team can help you to experience the freedoms you have always wanted.

But finding the right coach can be daunting. Much like finding the right mechanic, it’s difficult to find the “right” business coach for your small business. Common questions arise such as “how do I know this guy is right for my business”, or “what experience do they have?”

Luckily, when looking for a business coach in Australia, there are some factors that you CAN use to easily divide the good from the…. not so good. Here they are:

Industry Experience

If you’re looking for a business coach, you want to make sure they have helped other businesses just like yours before. This is somewhat of a time under tension scenario, where you need to know the coach knows your industry intimately. Ask them questions like “have you ever worked with my type of business before”,  “how long have you worked with those clients” and “do you have any case studies I could see”. 

You also want to ensure that their success history shows evidence that they have been in business coaching for some time, and have helped other business owners just like you, to achieve all levels of success.

A Proven Coaching Method

This is something almost no-one ever asks about but could be the most important. 

A proven coaching method (or the process used to help transform the businesses results) is like a recipe for the best donuts you’ve ever tasted. Its something that’s replicable, trusted, and will produce the same delicious result over and over again. 

You want to see exactly “HOW” they are able to help their clients and “HOW” their method will work for you.

It’s no accident that success relies upon great planning AND great execution, so spend a little time also understanding the approach the coach will deliver with their method. It’s important that they are methodical, results-driven, dedicated, reliable and show an element of compassion towards anyone they serve. After all, people do business with people.

Any good business coach in Australia will easily be able to show you their methodology, process or system to help their clients succeed. You’ll most likely find this on their website or if you ask them first hand.

Reviews & Testimonials

This one is a no-brainer. Generally, when you head out to purchase something of significant value, you do your research. Hiring the right business coach in Australia is no different. 

Finding reviews on places like Google, Facebook and sites like TrustPilot will help you gain a sideline perspective on what previous clients have experienced. 

Also, look for testimonials on the coaches websites and on their social platforms in either written or video form. It’s great to hear from real people how their coaching journey was and how it has impacted their lives.

Online Social Proof

Have you ever tried researching a business online, only to find they are literally non-existent? This is what I mean behind Online Social Proof.

When looking for the right business coach, seek out any form of social proof across online platforms that:

A: Show they Exist, AND

B: That the coach has produced and distributed relevant and valuable content across platforms such as Facebook, Youtube & LinkedIn.

This will give you a good feel for their level of expertise, professionalism and provides you with the ‘proof’ that they can back up their reviews, testimonials and case studies.


A strong guarantee helps to eliminate doubt for the small business owner before they go ahead with coaching. It also provides a mechanism for the coach to stand behind their promise, and how they will help you to shift your business.

Look for Guarantees like an ROI Guarantee, where you are guaranteed a return on your coaching fees investment, a Love it or Leave it guarantee, where if you don’t see a good fit within a month, you can exit or perhaps a Results Based Guarantee, where if you aren’t seeing results within a certain period, you can cancel the agreement.

Put simply, if the coach doesn’t offer any form of guarantee to safeguard the client, it’s fair to say that their claims may not live up to their delivery. Honestly, would you buy something that doesn’t come with a guarantee or a warranty?

To satisfy your buying concerns, simply ask the coach about what they offer in terms of a guarantee, and ensure it’s in writing in the coaching agreement.

If you are currently in a position where you know you need the advice, knowledge and support to really move your business forward, then perhaps it’s time for you to trust in an expert that has done it multiple times before. The points above will act as a “measuring tool” to help you to look for and select the “right” coach for your business. Much like the trusted mechanic that services your car, you want a degree of certainty in knowing that you can rely on the coach that can make it all happen.

If you have had business coaching in the past, and have any advice on finding the right coach, please provide some feedback in the comments section below.