The Importance of getting your team on the BUS!

the importance of getting your team on the bus

Throughout my experience of coaching & mentoring business owners I constantly hear the same familiar question;

How do I align my team? How do I get my employees to work toward my vision?

Sound familiar? This may be a question that resonates with you, and I can assure you, there is hope on the horizon. It all starts with ‘Getting your team on the BUS!’

Many years ago I read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Not only a fantastic read on why some companies make the leap and why others don’t, but it was also an insight for me into the world of leadership and what it takes to create great teams. One key takeaway was that of ‘getting your team on the bus’.

My take on this is that by getting the right team ‘onboard the Bus’ with yourself, you are able to drive the Bus to your desired destination (like achieving your company vision) easily, by harnessing the strengths of your team and celebrating the wins with them along the way.

Great team = Great results. This highlights the importance of “team alignment”, by getting your team working together to achieve a common outcome or result.

You also need to make the right (and sometimes difficult) decisions, to stop and let off the wrong team members, (like the negative disruptive ones) that will only create friction on the Bus, and delay the ETA of your arrival.

So, HOW exactly is this done?
By making it really clear on what your WHY is, and what you believe in as a company, individual or leader.

What is your business’s PURPOSE? Why do you exist? Why do you do what you do? Once you have established the reason for your business (for example; a transport company why maybe – “to provide easy transport solutions so that our customers can get their goods seamlessly from A to B”), then its time to get this on paper.

Once on paper, carefully craft an eye-catching core values document (with what you believe in) and share your WHY, your vision, mission & core values so that everyone knows (yes everyone), about where you aim to go. If your team believes in what you believe in, they’ll join you on the Bus. If they don’t, kindly let them off, and continue to fulfill your purpose.

If you have had a successful experience with ‘getting your team on the bus’ or have any questions about this, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at chris@upcoach.com.au.