Important Stress Management Strategies for Business Owners

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s probably been to re-evaluate our work/life balance. In the world of business coaching services, we know the impact of the COVID pandemic has forced many of us to sit back and take stock of what is and isn’t important in our personal and working lives.

Despite your situation, there is no denying that each of us would have experienced an element of stress whether it be in our personal or professional lives.

Many business owners have been forced to pivot their businesses just to survive in 2020 which not only brings significant changes and undoubtedly varying levels of stress.  

We’ve seen many a client come to us stressed about their business direction and other concerns which prompted us to put together this guide for helping business owners to manage their stress.


How To Manage Stress


For any person to be successful in business they need to understand how to manage stress. It’s an inevitable emotion that everyone reacts to differently but have a huge impact on you and your business. Here are some strategies for managing stress:

Change your attitude 


Everyone manages and experiences stress in varying degrees. It’s such an individual emotion but your attitude plays such an important part in managing stress. By having a positive attitude your persona, mood, health, relationships, and outlook on life improve significantly. When you are feeling better and happier, you tend to be less stressed. 

However, if you maintain a negative attitude everything around you can seem overwhelming and sometimes impossible to deal with. Practicing positive self-talk and focusing on the positive things in your life and business are the first steps to changing your attitude which will ultimately lead to more positive changes around you.



Taking control of your business by determining what tasks you need to do and what can be outsourced or delegated to a staff member is an essential part of managing your stress.  Many people feel they need to do everything because they know exactly what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

Training your staff or outsourcing tasks to someone else to free up your time for more important jobs can be one of the most productive things you can do. Getting bogged down in time-consuming work that can be allocated to someone else will be a game-changer for the success of your business and your mental health.

Health and Wellbeing

Looking after your mental and physical health is such an important element to managing stress. Being healthy and functioning to your full potential is not only an investment to your self-being but your business as well.

It’s important to establish a good routine of healthy eating and exercise for your mental and physical wellbeing. Just as important is taking the time to rest and get plenty of sleep. Maybe easier said than done, but creating and maintaining good habits like this will set you up for success in both your personal and business life.

Seek additional support

Nowadays there are so many support groups and networks to be part of that can help with whatever it is that is causing you stress. Organisations such as Beyond Blue are a great resource for dealing with mental health issues. 

Remember the saying ‘…a problem shared, is a problem halved? Well, there is some merit to that phrase. Joining local business support groups are a great opportunity to share issues amongst other business owners who may have experienced similar issues.   


It’s vital to your health and to the performance of your business to implement the right practices to manage stress. Not only will this result in fewer sick days but productivity levels will increase which will ultimately leave to bigger profits and the ability to improve business performance.

If you want to learn more about managing stress within your business then why not have a chat with us about our business coaching services on 1300 459 302. We can help guide you through any areas of your business that are causing you concern with practical and easy to implement tools.