How A Simple Question could Create $17,000 in Sales for your Business

How ONE Simple Question could Create $17,000 in Sales for your Business

In sales, sometimes its the small things that make a big difference. A smile. A handshake. Even an upsell. And the simplicity of this will blow you away…

After working in hospitality for over 16 years, I learned a thing or two about how to serve and sell to customers. I also learned how small efforts could lead to BIG gains when it comes to #upselling.

In a recent webinar, I broke down how we sold Aioli (a delicious accompanying sauce) with chips’ sides. What I revealed was the power behind how small incremental sales gains add up to massive results. I illustrate this in the image below:

It shows that when we sold Aioli to HALF of the customers that bought sides of chips (an upsell in itself), we generated over $17,000 in additional sales annually for the restaurant.

This generally blows people away. But the best bit is how we did it….

By employing this question in our conversation “…and would you like Aioli on the side”, after the customer mentions ‘chips’, most of the time, the answer was always YES!

It became effortless to upsell, and the customer always won, as the Aioli was house-made, and they usually asked for more!

So I now ask you…..What do you upsell in your business? What can you add to your existing products to increase the average spend? And more importantly, what sort of simple question can you ask to help create massive sales gains?

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