How a simple Morning Clarity session can improve your daily performance

How a simple Morning Clarity session can improve your daily performance

If you’re anything like me, mornings are busy. Up early, showers, kids, breakfasts, drop-offs, and all before I start work! My mornings were hectic until I started doing something differently….

Let’s be honest, with small kids, life is busy busy. Getting up early, then showers, dressing, feeding and looking after kids, breakfasts, drop-offs, and all before I started work! Needless to say, it was like a race, and by 8.30am, I’m already starting to feel the burn.

I realised this had to change!

I observed my routine and realised that my mind was lacking clarity and calm BEFORE I started my actual workday. I was super wound up, simply due to the pressures and pace at which I had to move, thus resulting in having an impact on my performance in my work.

So what I did was somewhat of a revelation! I created a “Morning Clarity” session in my calendar, and practised the following:

  1. Pressed play on a meditation playlist in Spotify, set a 10-minute alarm, and sat on the floor, back to the wall and meditated (with deep breathing techniques).
  2. Once the alarm went off, walked outside and ran a 2-minute deep breathing exercise (for fresh air)
  3. Then, drank a large glass of water whilst giving gratitude (for about a minute)

And guess what….after only a week of doing this, I felt AMAZING!! Not only was I calm, but my mind was also clear, I felt refreshed and ready to attack the day.

I have continued this for over a month now, and my performance at work has improved dramatically. By simply following these steps (for only 13 minutes) just before I start work, I am now priming myself to achieve superior daily performance. And I feel great!

Give it a try, I hope it helps you too!

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