Welcome to UpCoach

Welcome to UpCoach

How do I tell you about UPcoach, without sounding like I’m obsessed and/or biased about how fantastic this program is?

Here are some facts:

Let me start by telling you that our average client stays in the program for over 24 months. In today’s day and age, most programs see clients leave within 3 months, so this stat alone will paint a picture of the high caliber of the program.

We also achieve measured growth ranging from 30% to over 1000% with the majority of our clients.

Our “check-in” score rating (this is our monthly client check in to see how we are doing as a company, our service, coaching outcomes, and the coaches themselves) and the overall satisfaction is over 97% = outstanding.

Now, let me tell you how this happened.

I’ve been in personal and business development coaching for over 8 years (didn’t just do a weekend course and label myself an expert!) and have owned businesses all my adult life since I was 17 years old. It’s now 30 years later, and I’ve had the fortune of studying with some of the best on the planet, including Michael Gerber, Joe Polish, Jon Benson, Frank Kern, Roland Frasier, Simon Reynolds, Matt Church, and Kurek Ashley – the list goes on and on.

I want to share this because there have been many ups and downs in my life and my business career, and like all entrepreneurs that have stood the test of time, you learn critical lessons along the way. This, along with a high level of ongoing business and direct response marketing training has led to the inception of the UPcoach programs.

My vision with the UPcoach programs is to bring the very best of business and personal training to you the business owner. Most importantly, my team of experts ONLY teach what we have personally used and what has worked, or that which we know my peers have used, tested and seen results by applying the models and knowledge into their business.

I believe that knowledge is NOT power, the knowledge that is applied, tested and sees results IS power. In saying this, every individual is different, and working with thousands of business owners over the years has uncovered the need for tailored programs – unlike the general marketplace that only offers one size fits all…Think about it for a second. How can you be like any other business? Your business footprint is unique, so is your approach, your needs, and your outcomes and once again that’s why all our UPcoach programs are designed with you in mind.

Whether you are a startup or a seasoned professional, we have what you need. I understand that any business owner needs to fully comprehend certain business principles in sales, planning, marketing, systems, finances and so on, simply to have the initial platform to then play the game of business.

With this in mind, I have designed the content of the program to include what I call “non-negotiables” (key learning objectives) you must get under your belt so you can then maximise your time and money ROI (Return on Investment). To add to this platform I have also (with the collaboration of my team of experts in marketing, system, and process management, finances, strategy) created a world-class curriculum that inspires you the entrepreneur to have the best of both worlds (personal and business success)

The program is designed to address your key challenges, give you a personalised solution in the form of applicable strategies, and then show you how to tactically apply what you learn to your business. I believe the outstanding results we achieve come from the “old school,” one on one, activity-filled UPcoach sessions. Y’know? The good old fashioned person to person learning, instead of just being another number.

In my initial design of the programs I not only wanted to include tailored one on one coaching sessions, but I also wanted to ensure the integration of “tribe activity” (because yes, you are a tribe member when you join our programs). The idea behind this is to bring my “tribe” together for networking, culture building and educational days featuring some of the elite speakers and educators the world has to offer. It’s a hub of professionals who want to nurture and grow together as a tribe, and more importantly, support each other by referring and collaborating with one another for the greater good of both businesses.

So, if you are looking for programs that offer a high level of cutting-edge education, with structured step by step guidance, support from personalised one on one coaching, and you want to be surrounded by a team of experts that bring the best of the best from around the world – this may be the perfect environment to build your business, drastically increase your income and join a winning tribe of business owners who are just like you… Business owners who are wanting to take their success to the next level UP!!