Do more in less time – how Delegation will set you free!

Do more in less time

Managing your time today is so important to ensure you get your daily task list done. But by not delegating enough of your list, you could be working longer & harder than you actually should be.

Learning to delegate efficiently is a skill that every business owner should be taught, but very few take the time to master. Effective delegation should result in getting more done quicker, utilising your time better, and empowering others to think for themselves.

I have been working on my delegating skills for over eight years and have learned that it’s more than just getting my team to “do the little tasks”. It’s all about giving my team the opportunity to work for themselves, to let go a little and to hone my communication skills so 

I can convey what needs to be done, to a variety of differing personalities.

So how do I delegate effectively?

  1. Communicate the task simply: When outlining or explaining the task, I make it really simple. Think about the person you are asking & realise their actual potential. Explain it to them in their language, and set out the job in a step by step form. Don’t forget to ask for any questions.
  2. Accept that they may get it wrong: Usually the first time around, the team member may get it wrong. But use this an opportunity for them to learn, have another go & get it RIGHT! Also, by accepting that they may get it wrong yourself, it may surprise you when they succeed the first time around.
  3. Teach them/Empower them: One of the reasons why a team member doesn’t work out is because you haven’t trained them properly. Teach/train them how to do the job, so they will be able to repeat the process another time. By doing so, you have now passed on the responsibility and authority to “own” that task. Now they can also teach someone else!
  4. Follow up: Delegation really is 10% delegation of task & 90% follow up. Following up is vital to ensure that your delegated job gets done. If you don’t follow up, there will never be any accountability and you will end up finishing the job yourself.
  5. Praise: Never forget to give your team praise. Congratulate them on their job well done. This will encourage them to take on further responsibility when it’s time to delegate again.

As a Business Coach, I love helping to inspire and educate business owners so that they reach their full potential. If you would like to “tap into” your businesses potential, or would simply like to chat to me, feel free to reach out to me at chris@upcoach.com.au