How Much Should My Business Spend on Marketing?

How Much Should My Business Spend on Marketing

Time and time again I get asked as a marketing professional how much money should my business spend on marketing? Well, when the guys at UpCoach asked me to contribute a guest post, I jumped at the chance of giving some insight into the allusive nature of marketing budgeting. I am going to walk you […]

What does a Business Coaching Session look like?

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What comes to mind when you hear the word COACHING? Could it be a sporting coach, helping to direct a team on the sports field or is it a personal trainer helping someone to shift some weight? Or perhaps it’s an individual who has a greater knowledge of a path previously travelled? Whatever it is, […]

What is a Small Business Coach?

What is a Small Business Coach

It’s that typically awkward moment, when you’re at a social gathering, enjoying a few beers in the sunshine on a Sunday when someone rolls out the convo-starter question, “So Chris, what do you do?”.  The awkwardness only arises when I shoot back my reply, “Oh, I’m a Business Coach” which is generally followed by, “Oh, right…uh, so WHAT is a business […]

How Much Does a Business Coach Cost?

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How Much Does a Business Coach Cost? I once heard someone say “Business Coaches are a dime a dozen”, and in some way that’s true. In fact, it’s the same as referring to a mechanic. They are pretty much everywhere and offer the same service more or less, so what’s the difference? I believe that in most […]

What to Look for in a Business Coach

What to Look for in a Business Coach

Its the CRISIS point for any small business owner. That overwhelming feeling of knowing that you have grown your business as far as you can, and now you require the help, expertise and blunt force accountability to help move it to the next level. But where the hell do you start?  Selecting a business coach to help “turn […]