Why Effective Team Communication Is Crucial In Business

Effective team communication is essential for maximizing productivity, motivation, and success in any business. It is also key for building and maintaining strong professional relationships across all levels. Taking the time to improve on, and investing in, your office communication will build trust amongst all employees; which has a direct effect on increasing levels of […]

8 Ways To Own Your Personal Power In Business And Make The Most Impact

Your personal power, or personal influence, in business comes from recognising who you are and using this in a positive way to gain respect from your employees and create the most success. When you use authority without drawing on your personal power, it will likely lead to compliance from your staff; but when you do […]

How To Generate Change, Action And Create Results In Your Business

How do we create real impact in business? It begins with change, because we can’t create anything differently if we continue to do the same thing. To put that change into effect, it requires action, which is the next step in creating impact. And in taking that action, we aim to drive desired results. Impact = Change > Action > […]

Reinvention For Business Owners: 6 Critical Areas You Must Focus On To Stay In The Game

Reinventing your business when you’ve spent years, or perhaps decades, mapping it out and building it up from scratch is daunting. A part of you might resist change because you’re so attached to your business, and it’s become like a child to you. Another part of you might think it’s crazy to pivot in a […]

The Key To Reinventing Your Business Begins With Reinventing Yourself

If you’re looking around at your business and feel like you need to make some big changes, it’s important to take a look at yourself first. Reinventing your business begins with reinventing yourself. What does your life look like? Do you feel fulfilled, and confident? Are you taking care of yourself, emotionally, physically, and spiritually? Do […]

How To Make A Business Work When You Have A Business or Life Partner Involved

Business is tough enough on its own, without adding a life or business partner to the mix. There are thousands of businesses out there where a spouse, partner, or friend get involved and becomes part of the business. The horror stories of dissolved partnerships and businesses going to the wall, resulting in a split, or […]